The Hearach

Distilling spirit is what we do, but we are making something more here in Harris. With a distillery set firmly in the heart of our island, the influences of people and place are woven through our work.

The elemental nature of our island is unavoidable and permeates our daily life as we join malted barley and yeast with the softest of local waters, come wild winter rain or the welcome summer sunshine.

Skilled local hands set to work daily, as with vigour we craft our spirit here in Tarbert. Care is taken, the values of thought and reflection tempering the processes, the importance of the job at hand always presiding. We work with purpose to bring forth a spirit we can be proud of, for our community and the generations to come.

What we make here represents us all and we take time to do it right. We believe in the luxury of time, knowing that just as the seasons cannot be rushed so too our work cannot be defined by the stopwatch. Life here, with its lesser pressures, will dictate when things are ready and right.

The final results of our endeavours will always be a reflection of us, revealed to the world only when we feel it’s worthy to bear our name. Open, straight and true, we will always keep learning, striving to make the very best of our island spirits as we go.


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