Festival Spirits

The Hebridean Celtic Festival, held in the town of Stornoway not far to our north, is a real don’t-miss date in our island calendar.

The Apothecarist Returns

This weekend we’re delighted to welcome the return of apothecarist Amanda Saurin, as she arrives on our shores for a summer seasonal gathering of local herbs and plants.

A New Ambassador

When we first began distilling our Isle of Harris Gin the goal was simply to produce a wonderful spirit from our little still, known affectionately as “The Dottach”.

From Harris To Paris

Our island can boast of many beautiful things, from stunning scenery and great swathes of sand to the finest of seafood and a Hearach spirit which shines through in our Gaelic language, music and...

Harris Gin & Juniper

The ‘Social Distillery’ was getting social again last weekend as we headed for Edinburgh to take part in the excellent Juniper Gin Festival 2016 rather appropriately held on

Fair Winds And Following Seas

As a small island community we are, in many ways, defined by the waters which surround us.

A Growing Family

Right at the start of the distillery project we were very proud to have created ten full-time jobs for our fellow Hearachs.

A Home From Home

Connection is very important to us here at the Isle of Harris distillery, between ourselves, our island community and with the wider world.

A Joint Gin Endeavour

In last week’s news we addressed some of the logistics of shipping our Isle of Harris Gin from our shores and the reasons why delivery from our remote distillery is a little more expensive than man

A Cask To Call Your Own

Since the start of our spirit-making endeavour, the distillery has offered a limited number of Private Casks to those who wish to invest a little in the work we do.

Our Gin Story So Far…

Last year we began sharing the story of our Isle of Harris Gin, but with the distillery doors open and all manner of other exciting news coming our way the tale was left not quite fully told.

Over The Sea.

As The Social Distillery we’re keen to connect with people not just here in Harris but further afield too.

The Dear Green Place

It was once considered the second city of the Empire but today it is people, not the powerful, who truly make Glasgow.

On Tour

As Spring arrives, the visitors travelling to our islands begin to grow in number.

He Who Pays The Piper...

We’re always excited by the sound and smells of our new island spirit as it flows from the bright copper stills here at the distillery.


There’s much to be said for island life but sometimes a journey to the bright lights of the big city is called for.

Hebridean Connections

Here at the distillery we place huge importance on connection, between our staff, our community, the islands and the wider world.

Capturing Our Spirit Pt. 2

Last week we caught up with photographer Laurence Winram, a talented man with a camera and a keen eye for capturing the spirit and character of our work here in the island.

Capturing Our Spirit

Capturing the spirit of Harris is no easy matter, just ask our distillers.