Social At Heart

The Isle of Harris Distillery is built for, and with, a purpose.

The Driest Days Of The Drought

Just two short weeks ago we announced news of The Great Harris Gin Drought Of 2016, a short-lived rationing of our Isle of Har

Harris Born and Bred

It’s been a wee while since we met a member of the distillery team so today we introduce you to Sandra Fraser, one of the original

The Great Harris Gin Drought Of 2016

Those of us who live in remote Outer Hebridean islands will be no stranger to intermittent shortages and interruptions to life being 'business as usual'.

All Bottles Are Not Created Equal

Glass is a humble and ancient material.


From the outset of our spirit-making endeavour we’ve strived to be ‘The Social Distillery’.

The Spirit Of Adventure

By stricter definitions of the word, the Scottish Outer Hebrides can be described as being rather remote.

A Cask & MacAulay

This week we were delighted to welcome a new friend into our Private Cask Scheme fold as the familiar face of Scottish comedian and prese

Better By Design

While we are proud to say the work done by our distillers at our diminutive still ‘The Dottach’ has ensured we’re making a beautiful spirit worthy of our island’s name, we must also give credit to

Festival Spirits

The Hebridean Celtic Festival, held in the town of Stornoway not far to our north, is a real don’t-miss date in our island calendar.

The Apothecarist Returns

This weekend we’re delighted to welcome the return of apothecarist Amanda Saurin, as she arrives on our shores for a summer seasonal gathering of local herbs and plants.

A New Ambassador

When we first began distilling our Isle of Harris Gin the goal was simply to produce a wonderful spirit from our little still, known affectionately as “The Dottach”.

From Harris To Paris

Our island can boast of many beautiful things, from stunning scenery and great swathes of sand to the finest of seafood and a Hearach spirit which shines through in our Gaelic language, music and...

Harris Gin & Juniper

The ‘Social Distillery’ was getting social again last weekend as we headed for Edinburgh to take part in the excellent Juniper Gin Festival 2016 rather appropriately held on

Fair Winds And Following Seas

As a small island community we are, in many ways, defined by the waters which surround us.

A Growing Family

Right at the start of the distillery project we were very proud to have created ten full-time jobs for our fellow Hearachs.

A Home From Home

Connection is very important to us here at the Isle of Harris distillery, between ourselves, our island community and with the wider world.

A Joint Gin Endeavour

In last week’s news we addressed some of the logistics of shipping our Isle of Harris Gin from our shores and the reasons why delivery from our remote distillery is a little more expensive than man

A Cask To Call Your Own

Since the start of our spirit-making endeavour, the distillery has offered a limited number of Private Casks to those who wish to invest a little in the work we do.