On Tour

As Spring arrives, the visitors travelling to our islands begin to grow in number. By summer the ferry berthing at the harbour just a stone’s throw from our distillery door will be chock-full of new arrivals, adventurous souls who have travelled far from home to experience the magic of Harris, a reward for their long journey to our shores.

We expect many of them to cross our threshold as the good word of our distillery work spreads and we're looking forward to meeting each and every one of those keen to learn about our plans and wishing to sample our island’s spirit. With our doors open six days a week, all are welcome to drop in to browse the shop or enjoy some good food and company in the Canteen.

For those who wish to deepen their connection with ourselves we also offer a unique distillery tour. Taking just a dozen folk at any one time, we aim to ensure this experience is a very personal one as we chat about island life and the effect that the distillery hopes to have within the community. As a young endeavour we have no history to focus on as such, rather we are making history here and we’re finding people love to hear the story so far from our passionate staff. 

Rather than employing 'tour guides' we prefer our tours are always taken by one of our core team, namely Sandra, Peter, Kate and Shona. Each has been involved in our story from the early days and are bursting with new knowledge they are only too happy to share. Our tours aren’t scripted so each of our staff members brings something different to the proceedings, making each tour very individual. All are very proud to share our beautiful building with those who want to come and spend some of their day with us.


Those who join us get to look behind the scenes as we reveal the flavours which develop at each stage of our whisky making process. There’s a guided sampling of our spirits in the Flavour Room, complete with its charred oak walls, natural copper-clad lighting, Anorthosite slabs and Harris Tweed abacus. There are also sensory delights as touch, smells and tastebuds are applied to the proceedings as we move through the building. The tour provides an opportunity to meet the distillers as they go about their daily production in heart of this working distillery and there are even jellybeans to enjoy...

Guest Manager Shona Macleod tells us...

“The tour is also a very important part of our work here because it allows us to share the story of the distillery in person, first hand from the people working here. While we can write about it and share our tales across the internet, to hear it from the people here themselves allows guests to appreciate this important endeavour to the fullest.  I like to think that people leave feeling that they have become part of the story themselves just by joining us here and hopefully we will have created a few new ambassadors for Harris and for the distillery along the way.  Ultimately, I would like people to experience a tour, a visit to the canteen and then a visit to the shop before they leave Harris, not possible for all visitors in one day but perhaps over their few days here in the islands. That way they will have met many Hearach members of staff and will have been touched by their individual and collective enthusiasm for what we are trying to achieve here at the distillery.”

As the distillery braces itself for the busiest time of the year we encourage all who wish to join us to plan ahead if at all possible to avoid any disappointment upon their visit. Tours can be booked by calling the distillery on 01859 502212 . Our online booking service will be available again shortly for those who wish to secure their place via http://www.harrisdistillery.com/shop/distillery-tours/distillery-tour

We look forward to meeting you very soon!

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