A Point In Time

In the midst of all the hard work and most organised of creative chaos, we’re aware that our plans and progress are approaching a special point in time. 

Right on the cusp of realising a project years in the imagining, not to mention the making, it dawns on us daily that what was once just an idea, mere drawings on a page, a drive and dream to make happen, is now becoming a reality. Here, balanced between past and future, we can afford ourselves the luxury of looking back at how far we’ve come. 

A short film we made a number of years ago, presents us the opportunity to reflect on our original aspirations and reset our sights upon the new horizons we see ahead. We hope this gives you as much pleasure as it does us. Watching it, we are reminded again just how beautiful Harris is, how intrinsic our culture is to our life and work and how important people and place are to what we do.

So please join us in taking a few minutes to breathe, pause and enjoy the video and the moment, then let’s keep looking forward to all that is to come.

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