Free The Tarbert Ten!

As construction work continues apace at the distillery site in Tarbert , our team, now nicknamed The Tarbert Ten, are under lock and key just outside the village, working hard in their respective roles. As the prospect of opening our distillery doors draws ever nearer, it’s here in an old police station that the hand-picked  local men and women who make up the heart of our endeavour are learning, training, practising and mastering their various skills and craft.


While the fictional character of Hamish Macbeth in M.C. Beaton’s books about a Highland Bobby may not be too far from the truth here in Harris, the sad fact is that recent years have seen the closure of a number of community police stations across the Outer Hebrides. And while our crime-rates remain very low, there’s no doubt having a local constable or two to hand can be very helpful. 

The West Tarbert police station has been empty for some time now but we’re breathing fresh life into it today. Each room is dedicated to a specific area pertaining to the distillery operation and the walls are full of plans, drawings and photographs to help us visualise the tasks at hand. Perhaps the most active corner of the new living quarters is the kitchen where our chef Kate MacDougall is cooking up a storm and there’s no shortage of volunteers for tasting her delicious soups and fresh bread come lunch-time!


Elsewhere the production boys, Kenny, Billy, Donald and Donnie, are getting to grips with the technical aspects of new equipment and distilling science while the administration guys, Alexander and Angus keep busy with bookwork at their desks. Shona, Sandra and Peter are working hard on the many and varied guest requirements and all in all the buzz is growing as summer openings grows closer to fruition.


Meantime, the only room which lies empty appears to be the old, windowless cell with its single skylight and solid iron door. We’ve yet to find a use for it but perhaps if any of the whisky tasting and ‘research’ gets too out of hand we’ll have a safe place on hand to sleep it off. 

 As consummate professionals we’re fairly sure this eventuality will never arise but as ever we’re in good spirits as we look ahead, with or without a dram to hand, and the attitude is very much 2015, let’s be having you! 

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