The Distillery Harris Tweed Part 1.

The Orb Mark, a guarantee of provenance and product. Image © Harris Tweed Hebrides

Summer In The City

Summer has ended, meteorologically speaking, and while we wait for the solstice to mark the beginning of astrological Autumn we thought we’d take a look back at some happenings far from our I

The Wettest Weeks

They say if you don’t like the weather in the Outer Hebrides just wait a minute…

The Kelp Boom

Earlier this year we began our Diaspora Project, a slow and meditative look at the roots of population de

From West To East

Welcoming John

As word of our Isle of Harris Gin spreads, the challenges of sharing our island spirit with the world have grown. 

International Scottish Gin Day

Every drop of Isle of Harris Gin is distilled, bottled, sealed and shipped from our distillery in the small village of Tarbert.

Festival Of The Sea

The Isle of Harris Distillery was raised by the sea. In fact, the land on which it is built was once a tidal bay before being reclaimed for development.   

Spirit of Summer

Twelve Danish cyclists drop in for some summer respite.

Capturing Harris

Our storytelling takes many forms, both on and offline.

A Harris Summer

Image © Peter Kwasniewski

Winners Of Warp And Weft

Yesterday afternoon saw the culmination of our Harris Tweed Project competition, a

The Early Emigrants

We built our distillery with a founding aim of addressing the issues surrounding endemic population decline here in the Outer Hebrides.

The Crofters' Distillery

Chris Thomson getting hands-on with the lambing season.

The Diaspora Project

One of the defining aims of the Isle of Harris Distillery is to address the pressing issues surrounding population decline here in the Outer Hebrides.

The Herring Girl

Connection is important to us here at the Isle of Harris Distillery and if you’ve visited, emailed or called us by phone, it’s likely you will have connected with our young customer service a

G'Day Australia!

This week we’re delighted to announce our Isle of Harris Gin has reached the end of its 10,500 mile journey and arrived in the city of Melbourne, Australia.  

Sunshine And Seafood

Spring is in full swing here in Harris, and we’ve been blessed with beautiful days full of birdsong and big blue skies.