The 1,916

There are 1,916 men, women and children living in the Isle of Harris. Each one is unique, from the big personalities to characters of quiet countenance. Some can lay claim to island ancestry going back generations, while others have not long arrived on our shores.

In 1951, our remote island community was twice as large. A stark trend in local population decline continues to this day, as we continue to face acute economic challenges and our young people leave to seek work and opportunity far from our shores. [Source]

One of the defining aims of the Harris Distillery is to help address these issues and grow this number through the work we do together. So, before we send our special island dram out into the world, we're giving you the opportunity to support our efforts and become part of something very special too.

As part of The 1,916 you will play an integral role in realising our island's plans and become a real part of the distillery's work for generations to come.


A first release, inaugural filling of 'The Hearach' whisky, limited to just 1,916 bottles.

Your chosen name, engraved on an oak cask stave, to be displayed permanently within the distillery.

A specially printed and bound book about The 1,916 endeavour, accompanied by beautiful images from photographer Laurence Winram.

An engraved copper card entitling you to a lifetime of free tours here at the Harris Distillery.


If you would like to be among the first to take the opportunity of becoming part of The 1,916 please click the button below to purchase online.

This special way of connecting with the Isle of Harris is priced at £400.00, all-inclusive, wherever you live in the world.

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The First Bottling Of The Hearach Single Malt Whisky

While nature plays its timely role in maturing the spirit, we will remain patient, but when we believe things to finally be worthy of 'The Hearach' name we will carry out our inaugural bottling.

To hold this special island whisky, we have designed a beautiful glass bottle, one we hope will do justice to its contents. The design remains under wraps for now but our Isle of Harris Gin may well hint at what is to come.

This inaugural release of our whisky will be limited to just 1,916 70cl bottles, each individually numbered. The strength will be decided at the time but will be no less than 46% and, naturally, the spirit will be neither coloured nor chill-filtered. All of these processes will take place at the distillery in Tarbert, ensuring a Harris-made dram from start to finish.

We will then send this historic bottling of 'The Hearach' to you, wherever you are in the world (with just a few exceptions). 


An Engraved Oak Stave Displayed In The Heart Of The Distillery

We have a small warehouse on our distillery site in Tarbert and here we are building a wall of wooden staves, those strong strips of oak from which whisky casks are made. On the side of these staves, we will inscribe a name of your choice, by hand. All you need to do is provide us with the inscription and your name will be bound in wood at the heart of our work, in perpetuity, as recognition of your support.


A Copper 'Guest For Life' Card For a Lifetime Of Free Tours

Our distillery tours are a very personal experience, with no slick audio-visual productions, just an enjoyable and unhurried visit with a most personable local guide. As part of The 1,916 there will be no cost whenever you join us. Simply book in advance, proudly mention your 1,916 ownership, and when you arrive, present the copper 'Guest For Life' card.


A Handbound Book About Our Story Holding Your Ownership Certificate

We have produced a small and beautiful book of which there will be just (yes, you guessed it) 1,916 copies produced. The book tells the tale of our venture and the background to this initiative. Inside its specially bound covers, you'll enjoy beautiful colour photographs of the equally colourful people of Harris, specifically commissioned by photographer Laurence Winram. Also contained within the book is a unique certificate, your proof of ownership of your inaugural bottling of 'The Hearach', as well as your "Guest For Life" card. The book, containing the aforementioned, will be sent to you as soon as we receive your order.