The Harris Tweed Project

The Isle of Harris has a long history of creating beautiful things, always made with skill, craft and care.

A special cloth, woven on the looms of local weavers, has paved the way for the work we do at the distillery today, setting the high standards of quality and provenance required of anything that bears our island's name.

The world knows this special textile as Harris Tweed, the only fabric in the world which is protected by its own Act of Parliament. This unique set of laws ensures that ever piece is made from pure new wool, dyed and spun here in the islands and woven by hand at the homes of weavers across the Outer Hebrides, and nowhere else.

Over the coming months we'll be exploring the history, tradition and techniques behind Harris Tweed, meeting many of the people who bring this wonderful cloth into the world.

We're also inviting the young people from across the Outer Hebrides to join us in creating a very special Harris Tweed of our own, the Isle of Harris Distillery Tweed to be launched in 2019.

As part of an island-wide collaboration with local schools, we've joined with the Harris Tweed Authority the industry governing body and Harris Tweed Hebrides the foremost Harris Tweed producer in the UK, to launch a special competition to design the final pattern.

Special prizes will be awarded to the best entries across four age categories, with a final overall winner going on to spend time with the team at Harris Tweed Hebrides to bring their final creation to life for us in early 2019.

Please join us here and across social media as The Harris Tweed Project progresses and we share updates on the entries, workshops and other related happenings along the way.

If you're a teacher or pupil in the Outer Hebrides interested in participating please contact your Head Teacher who will have more details on how to get involved or email for more.



  1. Isla Scott S1 Sir E Scott
  2. Lena Mackenzie P4 Leverhulme
  3. Emma Macinnes S1 Sir E Scott
  4. Domhnall Macrae P5 Leverhulme
  5. Conneach Stewart P6 Laxdale 
  6. Bella Maclean P6 Sir E Scott
  7. Lydia Ashley P5 Sir E Scott
  8. Georgia Stone S3 Sir E Scott
  9. Elizabeth Greenstock P7 Tolsta
  10. Katie Morag Barker P3 Sir E Scott
  11. John Chisolm S1 Sir E Scott
  12. Lyndsay Macdonald P7 Laxdale
  13. Jac Nardone P2 Bernera
  14. Catriona Macleod P3 Sir E Scott
  15. Emma Macsween P7 Sir E Scott
  16. Scott Murray S3 Sir E Scott
  17. P1-4 Sir E Scott English Class
  18. Cara Mackenzie P1 Leverhulme
  19. Michael Armstrong P3 Leverhulme 
  20. Christina Mackenzie P5 Leverhulme
  21. Seumas Macleod P2 Leverhulme
  22. Sean Macaulay P3 Leverhulme
  23. Ethan Macaulay P3 Leverhulme
  24. Alice Campbell S3 Sir E Scott
  25. Naomi Mackay S2 Sir E Scott
  26. Neil Morrison S3 Sir E Scott
  27. Cara Macdonald S3 Sir E Scott
  28. James Macmillan P7 Laxdale
  29. Abby Burley P7 Laxdale
  30. Faith Macmillan P7 Laxdale 
  31. Hannah Ferguson S3 Sir E Scott
  32. Mark Murdo Morrison S1 Sir E Scott
  33. Kate Macleod P6 Sgoil Nan Loch
  34. Emma Passmore S3 Sir E Scott