Our Gin Story So Far…

Last year we began sharing the story of our Isle of Harris Gin, but with the distillery doors open and all manner of other exciting news coming our way the tale was left not quite fully told.

Over The Sea.

As The Social Distillery we’re keen to connect with people not just here in Harris but further afield too.

The Dear Green Place

It was once considered the second city of the Empire but today it is people, not the powerful, who truly make Glasgow.

On Tour

As Spring arrives, the visitors travelling to our islands begin to grow in number.

He Who Pays The Piper...

We’re always excited by the sound and smells of our new island spirit as it flows from the bright copper stills here at the distillery.


There’s much to be said for island life but sometimes a journey to the bright lights of the big city is called for.

Hebridean Connections

Here at the distillery we place huge importance on connection, between our staff, our community, the islands and the wider world.

Capturing Our Spirit Pt. 2

Last week we caught up with photographer Laurence Winram, a talented man with a camera and a keen eye for capturing the spirit and character of our work here in the island.

Capturing Our Spirit

Capturing the spirit of Harris is no easy matter, just ask our distillers.

Built To Last

For generations, crofters across the Outer Hebrides have looked to employ a little horsepower when it came to the more laborious aspects of their work.

Always Learning

From the outset, the Isle of Harris Distillery has been about more than producing whisky, it has been about people.

The Harris Connection

It’s been a wee while since we featured any of our Tarbert team so this week we pulled Peter Kwasniewski away from his front of house post to share his story…

Love On The Rocks

Perhaps February the 14th will prove us wrong but it seems safe to say we Hearachs are not often given to gushing gestures and red-blooded outpourings of affection.

Our Parliament

Far from the Palace of Westminster or political happenings in Holyrood another ‘parliament' has been taking place… The word parliament derives from the Anglo-Norman parlement, from the verb parler…

Mash Tun Times

The Spirit Hall was alive today, the aroma of malted barley hung in the warm air and great whiffs of wash wafted from the open lids of the fat washbacks.

The Social Distillery

Old Post Office, Manish, Isle Of Harris. Image © Ian Lawson www.ianlawso

Nurturing Belonging

Like so many parts of the Western Isles, close community is key to connection and well-being here in Harris.

A Hearach is born!

Burr Bakewell tests the first spirit.

One of the most important milestones was reached yesterday as our beautiful copper lady Eva worked her magic for the first time to produce the Isle of Harris distillery’s first batch of new m

A Community Christmas

December is the darkest of Harris months, the sun barely rising over the horizon before it disappears again for another long winter’s night.

The Christmas Spirit

We’re starting to feel more than a little festive here in Tarbert as we look forward to our first Christmas here in the new Isle of Harris distillery.