Kate's Canteen

The day to day activities at the distillery are the perfect way for the team here in Tarbert to work up an appetite.

New Beginnings

It has been a busy week here at the distillery.

Heart And Hearth

Three generations of Harris islanders put the first peats on the fire that will burn all the time from now on at the distillery (left to right) Emma Passmore (11) o

Looking back, looking forward.

With less than a week until we officially open our new distillery doors we thought it would be a good time to share a little film, shot as the grip of a Hebridean winter loosened into the wet and...

The Final Countdown

One of our abiding values here at the distillery is that life takes time, the simple belief that it’s better to do things right than do them rushed.

A Man Who Knows

At the Isle of Harris distillery we are striving to create the very best of spirits, making whisky and gin of the highest quality through the work we do here in Tarbert.

The Still Makers

We recently introduced you to our dancing stills, the two copper creations entwined and eagerly awaiting the imminent moment we begin making our new spirits.

Still Life

In addition to our spirit-making, the Isle of Harris Distillery is also collaborating with like-minded men and women who share our love of craft, quality and carefully made products of lasting valu

Keen Noses Wanted

Here at the Isle of Harris Distillery our aim is to produce a whisky and gin of such character and distinction as to be worthy of the island’s name.

The Dancing Stills

Malted barley, yeast and pure, clear Harris water…the simplest of ingredients and all that are physically required to make our Hearach whisky.

The Isle Of Harris Gin Story Pt. 2

Our investigation into potential ingredients for our new gin had finally led us to the sea.

The Wanderer Returns

This week we’re pleased to introduce the fifth member of our Tarbert Ten team to you, Donnie Macleod.

The Isle Of Harris Gin Story Pt. I

Our journey towards making an Isle of Harris gin begins back in the winter of 2013 when ethnobotanist Susanne Masters produced a special research paper for us, investigating the how, where and why

The Highest Apple

There is an old Gaelic saying that goes…“bidh an ùbhal ìs fhearr air a mheangan is àirde” meaning simply ​"the best apple is on the highest bough​".

Pop In To Our Pop-Up!

As well as distilling our fine Harris spirits, we’ve also been making plans to create some special collaborations, working with some talented men and women to make wonderful wares for, with and fro

Whisky To the Fore!

This week we continue our socialising with The Tarbert Ten by meeting another member of the team, this time the man behind

Island Bound

We recently introduced you to The 1,916, an endeavour which lies at the heart of our work here and a number which embodies the ambitions of our projects and plans.

A Taste Of Things To Come

As we draw closer to the day we throw open our doors and get our distilling work underway, we thought it would be nice to give you a taste of what to expect once you take a step across our threshol

All Good Things

According to the methodical minds of meteorologists, Summer officially started in June.

A Family Affair

In previous weeks we’ve introduced you to some of the distillery team, those hardworking Hearachs we call The Tarbert Ten, two handfuls of local men and women who make up the heart of our great Har