And Then There Were Five.

Last year saw the launch of our Harris Tweed Project, a celebration of the craft behind this iconic Outer Hebridean cloth and the creativity of our islands’ young people.

A Sugar Kelp Spring

Spring is officially here, the vernal equinox heralding the arrival of new life across the island’s natural wo

A Taste Of Spring

A new season is upon us, at least meteorologically speaking, and life here in Harris begins to change once more.

A Voice Of Harris

Today, the first tours of 2019 got underway as we had the pleasure of sharing our spirit and story with eleven new guests, showing them life behind the scenes here at the Isle of Harris Disti

Join Us!

In the 1950s, our remote island community was twice as large as it is now.

Rebekah's First Batch

At the beginning of November 2018 we were proud to announce our first distilling apprenticeship as we welcomed young local woman

Passmore In The Passing

As you might imagine, the Isle of Harris Distillery is a highly complex operation, with many different moving parts and people involved.

Enemies Of Average

Earlier this week we closed our distillery doors for the day, as our entire team gathered around the peat fire to share, discuss and learn from each other in preparation for the busy year ahe

The Pupils’ Patterns

Since late last year, we’ve been exploring the craft and creativity of our community’s young people through The

The Island Winter

As January comes to a close, it’s clear winter is still with us as the high hills of Harris shine with the whitest of snows and a rare, low sun casts long shadows during this season of short

Welcoming Iona

This week we are very happy to introduce you to a new member of the Isle of Harris Distillery family. 

A New Year Begins

On Monday morning the distillery doors were unlocked for the first time this year.

The Storyteller

Mike (and Mara), Isle of Scalpay, January 2019.

Click & Collect For Christmas

It’s been a wonderful season for sharing our Outer Hebridean spirit, with beautiful bottles of Isle of Harris Gin being sent directly from our Tarbert shores to festive doors across the UK an

The Last Sleigh From Harris

As the festive season gets underway, winter winds are blowing in and the Outer Hebrides is bracing itself for another blast of wild weather.

Craft And Creativity

Earlier this year we began our Harris Tweed Project, setting out to explore the Outer Hebridean traditi

Winter Growth

As we sit on the cusp of meteorological winter, much of our natural world retreats into a period of quiet hibernation. 

An Isle of Harris Christmas

Christmas is coming, and like many close-knit communities we’re all looking forward to celebrating a season of fire-side ceilidhs and fun-filled connection even in the darkest of island winte

The Dark Stuff

Regular readers of our Journal stories will know that our distillers have been spending time out on