Your Perfect Serve

Image © Andy MacDonald @andrewMMacd on Twitter

Last week we shared a few of our Nosing Panel's sensory notes, freshly gleaned from their rather enviable task of delving into the sensory realms of our Isle of Harris Gin. From nose and palate to thoughts on the final finish, our team of dedicated local men and woman, led by expert profiler Gordon Steele, have been seeking to identify and maintain the best of our gin's flavours. But you don't need to be an olfactory expert to appreciate or exhibit good taste in gin.

One of the more interesting facets of our gin is how many people have expressed enjoyment of it without addition or adulteration. Its refreshing nature helps make this not just a gin to be enjoyed in a traditional cocktail or mix but on its own, as one would a good malt whisky. So may we suggest you start with the gin in its purest state and build from there, adding a large cube of ice, a slice of red grapefruit or lime or a few drops of our Sugar kelp Aromatic water for some extra maritime 'oomph'. By all means, then lengthen as much as you desire (we like Walter Gregor's Scottish Tonic Water) for a more classic G&T.

Our panel leader Gordon has been experimenting with various fruit accompaniments and tells us that any citrus fruit is good namely lemon, lime, orange and clementine but that he would reject the addition of apple, cucumber, raspberry or blueberry. However what he found perfect, and which we now strongly recommend, is either pink, or best of all, red grapefruit.

“Just cut a slice and add a conveniently size section to the glass making sure there is plenty of the fruit flesh and not all peel. If it is a special gin and tonic I will rub the inside of the glass rim with the red grapefruit as well as adding a slice to the drink.”

To further enhance enjoyment, we now also have our own hand-crafted glasses to match the style of the bottle itself.

Made in collaboration with Wrześniak Glassworks in Poland, this new carefully crafted lowball tumbler is the perfect glass from which to enjoy our Isle Of Harris Gin. Designed to echo the curves and ripples of the Isle of Harris gin bottle and with a shorter drink in mind, the wider-mouthed glass also helps to open up the release of aromas to further enhance the drinker's pleasure.

However, you like to enjoy our gin, the way you love it will always be the best but do feel free to play and experiment as you go. We'd be delighted to hear about your own personal perfect serve so do let us know over on our Facebook or Twitter pages. Meantime, pour, drink and enjoy a little taste of the island and its surrounding seas wherever you are in the world...

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