Young Ryan

The Isle of Harris Distillery was created with the aim of helping to secure the island’s economic future and address local population decline. We’re still a young business but we’re already beginning to realise these aspirations.

We’ve been reaching out and working with young locals, people like 17 year-old Ryan Morrison who was born and brought up in Borrisdale, South Harris. A keen fisherman and quad-biker, Ryan started work with us in June last year after finishing his final year school exams.

Over a year ago Shona Macleod, who heads up our guest team, met with his Business Management class at Sir E Scott School in Tarbert and inspired Ryan to undertake a project on the distillery for his course. 

This eventually led him to create a CV and apply for work with us that summer and we were soon delighted to welcome him to the team. Ryan tells us…

“My job at the distillery is based heavily around Customer Service, so making sure that online orders are sent out on time and that I deal with any customer queries that come in either by phone or email to the best of my ability. Hopefully the customer leaves feeling really pleased with the service they received and they will then come back again.


He continues... 

"The distillery has definitely been a positive thing for me because working here has allowed me to continue to live on Harris after leaving school…There are lots of opportunities for young people during the season with the local hotels, shops, restaurants and cafes but if you were looking for a job out of season then it’s difficult."

Having Ryan on the team has been a real boon and we love his enthusiasm and the skill-set he has brought to the operation, even at this early stage in his career. We’re proud to be able to provide the opportunity for him to stay a little longer here in the island and we hope his experience here has helped him find his feet as he considers his future.

“I am hoping to go away to study marketing at City of Glasgow college in September and the distillery has definitely had an influence on my choice because I have witnessed first hand the power and importance of marketing in an organisation."

While we can’t offer the formal qualifications Ryan will need to pursue his ambitions, we hope he’ll make the journey home to us again once he completes his formal studies. As we continue to work with, and reach out to local students, we’d love others to follow in Ryan’s footsteps as we grow. 

Young folk are the life-blood of our island and if we can help inspire and develop their skills in marketing, management, social media, retail and making some of the world’s best spirits, then we’ll be well on our way to securing a bright future for Harris.​

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