In Winter’s Grasp

As the Isle of Harris emerges from the coldest of snaps, we are left in no doubt that the island is in the depths of winter. 

The Clisham, our highest peak, and its surrounding hills, have been thick with snow and even the moors and beaches have been turned white.

It can be a challenging time for those of us who live in the islands year-round, as we ride out the bad weather as best we can. 

Power cuts are commonplace as seasonal gales blow in from the Atlantic and boats become harbour-bound in rough seas as our local shops seek to keep essential supplies in stock.


For our local crofters, there are plenty more mouths to feed as they tend to their flocks and herds, making sure fresh hay and supplementary feed, like our distillery’s draff, is dished out to their animals each day. 

For wildlife too, it’s all about survival, as cormorants, seals and otters forage for what they can find along our shorelines, and Red deer come off the high ground in search of food.

Those creatures which don’t make it through the winter provide a feast for birds of prey including Golden and White tailed Sea Eagles who continue to hunt unabated.

This is living on the edge but it’s a way of life we love. As the seasons cycle onwards our distilling work goes on, making beautiful island spirit in this wonderful, wild corner of the world.​

Main image © Lewis Mackenzie, Hebrides Fish 'n' Trips /  Blackface Sheep ©​ / Red Deer © Terry Lynch

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