Strong Steps

As 2018 gathers momentum, our spirit-making gets into full flow for February. As a young distillery, these are exciting times, as new milestones are reached and fresh benchmarks are set.

Our first 24 months as a business here in the Isle of Harris have brought successes large and small. Our inaugural spirit, the Isle of Harris Gin, has been embraced by gin lovers across the globe and, in turn, thousands of new visitors have been drawn to our island door.

Such an auspicious start is now reaping rewards. We consider our whisky-making to be the lifeblood of the distillery, and this positive first chapter to our story has now blessed us with the opportunity to distil even more single malt spirit.​

Thanks to the confidence inspired by our Isle of Harris Gin’s success, and distillery visitor numbers exceeding all expectations, we have been able to secure extra bank funding to further support this wonderful work.​


We are delighted to now be increasing production, giving our distillers the opportunity to spend more time at their beautiful stills in the Spirit Hall. The introduction of an extra shift, four days a week,  is a big moment for us and a sure sign that our goals here in the heart of the Outer Hebrides are right on track.

Even with this growing output,  we are not exactly a large-scale operation. We simply have big ambitions and the best intentions to grow something worthwhile for our community and the generations to come. We’ll now be filling around five casks of whisky spirit a day, an increase from an average of three and half previously. It may not sound like much, but to us it’s another strong step forward.

Most importantly, it means we’ll have even more of The Hearach Single Malt to share with you when it’s finally ready to enjoy.​

We’ll drink to that.


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