Spring Marches On

Common Tern in flight © Lewis Mackenzie 2018

The island continues to come alive, as life abounds across our crofts, moors and coastlines. And, while we may not be enjoying the heatwave our wider UK friends are experiencing, the longer hours of daylight are most welcome.

Our Sugar Kelp diver Lewis Mackenzie, working daily in and around our local sea-lochs, reports that the first of the Common Terns have arrived and are making their presence known with their vocal calls. He’s also spotted Risso’s Dolphins enjoying the warming waters and had his first glimpse of Puffins too.

There have been other, less expected arrivals also. Wide-eyed wildlife watchers were surprised to welcome a rare visitor to our shores, in the form of a Bearded Seal, a rather handsome beast more usually found 1500 miles to our north in the Arctic seas.

A week later, we had another very unexpected guest, this time a full-bodied Walrus was sighted lazing on the rocks of the Harris coast. His travels have taken him far from his northerly home and a good rest was obviously needed. Perhaps word of work is truly spreading!


Back on land, crofters like Richard Maclennan have been enjoying the end of the lambing season and a chance to catch up on some sleep and a well earned dram. Soon it will be summer and time for shearing, but for now there’s a little respite from the shepherding duties.

Here at the distillery, we’re busy laying down spirit for ‘The Hearach’ single malt whisky and bottling plenty of Isle of Harris Gin to meet demand for our award-winning island offering. More sunshine means more Gin & Tonics, so we’re happy to provide our customers with the very best for their warm weather refreshments.

There have also been plenty of visitors making their own seasonal migration to our door, and we’ve been enjoying sharing our story with new friends each day. Our tours are now running Monday to Friday, up to six times a day and plenty of positive TripAdvisor reviews are already coming in.

All in all, there is a real spring in our step as we look forward to summer and lots of events, both here and further afield from our island home, still to come. Please be sure to follow our social media channels to keep right up to date on distillery life as the seasons march on…



Meantime, here’s the latest addition to our Martini Project created in collaboration with Lynsey Cameron from the wonderful Bar Gandolfi in Glasgow’s Merchant City. It’s a beautifully bone-dry affair with a grapefruit twist and a splash of Caperberry brine for balance. Discover The Caper-Ceilidh Martini over on the dedicated recipe page…


Recipe for The Caper-Ceilidh Martini

Our thanks to Lynsey Cameron and Seumas MacInnes at Bar Gandolfi

Bar Gandolfi, 64 Albion Street, Glasgow G1 1NY / www.cafegandolfi.com/bar-gandolfi

Photography by Brian Sweeney / www.briansweeneyphotography.com

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