The Spirit Of The Sea

Lying 40 nautical miles west of the Isle of Harris are the magical isles and sea stacs of St. Kilda. Although no longer inhabited by a native population, this remote archipelago in the North Atlantic still has deep connections with our own island home.

Their remoteness and mysterious beauty make Hirta, Soay and Boreray a real bucket list destination for intrepid sailors, so what better way to make the journey there than joining with like-minded adventurers to race (or simply ride the waves) as part of the The St. Kilda Challenge.
The St Kilda Challenge is an annual gathering with a real sense of adventure, undertaking a truly memorable expedition and offering a chance to take part, both afloat and ashore, in one of Scotland’s most unique maritime events.
A flotilla option is offered for those wishing to cruise to St Kilda in good company, or there’s a sprint race for those who like a little competition, with both groups leaving from North Uist to our south, passing through the Sound of Harris before heading out to open ocean.


Accompanying all this nautical activity is an on-shore celebration of song, dance and few drams with a gathering of locals, friends and family back at Lochmaddy as the land-lubbers follow the event’s progress and prepare a warm welcome for the boats' safe return.

Kenny Maclean our Head Distiller is involved again this year and for our own part we’re delighted to supply plenty of sea-faring spirit to the event. Complimentary Isle of Harris Gin & Tonics were laid on for the pre-race crew briefing last night and we look forward to serving the sailors more at the prize-giving event tomorrow too.

The challenge is a great opportunity to connect with our island history and maritime heritage, as well as a chance to share our work with the participants, many of whom have come to the Outer Hebrides from far and wide. 

We wish all the crews and boats fair winds and following seas as they set off today at the tail end of the recent Storm Hector.

Follow the progress of the event via the live Race Tracker feed here.

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