The Spirit Of Adventure

By stricter definitions of the word, the Scottish Outer Hebrides can be described as being rather remote. Of course, to those of us who live here they are anything but, they’re simply home, but we appreciate that for others these islands can seem a long way away, prettily perched as we are on the periphery of Europe. So when people arrive at our door from far flung places we know that they’ve undertaken a journey, and more often than not an adventure, to be with us. 
Last month we were delighted to hear from Serge Lamourette, himself an islander, hailing from the beautiful and mountainous Corsica in the Mediterranean Sea. Along with his friend Kyle Vass, Serge has invested in a private cask of what will become an Isle of Harris Single Malt Whisky and has decided to head for Harris to visit his new spirit in person. But rather than hop on a plane to travel the 1,700 miles to our door, he’ll be making the trip by motorbike.

Departing from his home in Propriano, his path by land and sea to our door will hopefully be a safe and smooth one. Serge will be meeting up with his friend Kyle somewhere on the West Coast of Scotland and we plan to welcome them both to Tarbert on Saturday 13th of August. Rest assured there will be a warm welcome waiting (and no doubt a dram of something special too) and we look forward to showing them around our distillery and introducing them to their cask.
We’ve asked Serge to share photographs of his journey as he makes his way north through France and onward into England and beyond so do keep an eye on our social media channels for glimpses of his route and long road to Harris. And if you happen to see a happy looking Corsican on a distinctive Harley Davidson do give him a wave as he rides on by. With any luck we'll catch up with Serge for a chat when he arrives next week and share some of his stories then too.
Meantime, wherever you are in the world, we invite you to consider undertaking your own adventure and make plans to join us here in the Isle of Harris sometime in the near future. By rudder, twin-prop, two wheels or four there is much to explore as you make your way here. The roads are wonderful and winding and the sights by land are sea will always be remembered should you do so. However you choose to travel, simply bring a spirit of adventure and we'll be ready to greet you when you finally arrive...

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