The Social Distillery

Old Post Office, Manish, Isle Of Harris. Image © Ian Lawson

You may have noticed that we often refer to ourselves as The Social Distillery. From the outset we wanted the work we do to be open and accessible, with a warm welcome offered to all who wished learn more about our plans and projects.
As such, our doors are open six days a week for guests to come inside and look around a little, talk to the team and take some time to acquaint themselves with the first distillery to be established in the Isle of Harris. Once past the ever-burning peat fire, there’s a shop to browse, a canteen to relax in and an enthusiastic team of staff ready and willing to share their stories should you strike up a conversation. The warmth and friendliness we strive for is simply part of the Harris character, good island hospitality and a down-to-earth approach to a life well lived here in the Outer Hebrides.
We’re also aware that many of our friends are to be found far from our doorstep and, as our journey begins, we would like to ensure those who cannot join us in body can do so in spirit. It is a unique time in our island’s history, the information age is upon us and technology is now allowing us to connect with hundreds of thousands of others through exciting online means. We may not be able to boast of superfast broadband or 4G networks quite yet but considering not so long ago community communication hubs, like the old Post Office at Manish, held the only telephone for miles around we eagerly embrace the potential any improvement in technology can bring…
      Moonlit Telephone Box, Finsbay, Isle Of Harris. Image © John Maher

And so, now the distillery is up and running, the spirit flowing and an exciting new year is upon us, we plan on taking The Social Distillery ethos further still. Our early forays into Facebook have proved most heartening and we’ve loved fostering a community of new found friends there, hearing comments, seeing our gin spirit enjoyed in new homes, learning about those who love what we do. We’ve also dipped a tentative toe into Twitter, discovering even more people interested in us and opening new dialogues through the fast-talking platform. Admittedly, many of us islanders like to express ideas and opinions in a lot more than 140 characters but we’re learning to keep things concise!
Over the coming weeks and months you will begin to find us on Facebook daily (with some respite on Sunday), exploring and telling our island and spirit-making stories. We’ll be revealing all manner of new faces and places, tales from past and present, sharing island life and the ups and downs of our distillery days as we go. Over on Twitter you’ll find us sharing these stories too, interacting and offering unique insights in our day to day work and play. Finally, we’re about to launch our new Instagram page, sharing beautiful photographs shot and unique images captured right here in the heart of Harris.
We hope you’ll be able to join us as we get more sociable through these evolving online means and we’d love for this to become a busy and bold two-way conversation. Once you like, friend and follow, please do feel free to share your thoughts and ideas, suggestions and stories, we’ll look forward to learning more about you and listening to your own tales, wherever you are in the world. From our small village to the global village, our team in Tarbert can’t wait to connect more with our online communities even more.


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