The Seaweed Martini

Last week we shared the recipe for the Isle of Harris Gin 'Stromberg Martini', by Alessandro Palazzi, the first collaboration of our new Martini Project

Our project seeks to explore the joys of the gin Martini, a classic cocktail boasting over 100 years of history and cultural hedonism in the hands of writers, musicians and stars of stage and screen.

It’s also a beautifully simple cocktail to make at home or to order and enjoy in a good bar. If you’ve never tried one before, or feel a little daunted by the prospect of asking your bartender for one, then here are a few basics to get you started…

The gin Martini is based on just three key ingredients: good gin, dry vermouth and a garnish. But, there are a multitude of ways to make this cocktail to your own personal preference.


Traditionally, the classic ratio for a Martini is 2 measures of gin to 1 measure of dry vermouth. If you like more dry vermouth it becomes a Wet Martini. If you like more gin in the mix, it becomes a Dry Martini! 

Then comes the choice of garnish. Many Martini drinkers choose lemon peel, squeezing the citrus oils over the surface of the spirit. This is called a ‘twist'.

Alternatively, you can add an olive (or two) for a more savoury garnish. Some Martini lovers also add a splash of olive brine from the jar, making what's known as a Dirty Martini.

So, next time you're in a good bar and in a Martini mood, try asking your talented bartender for "An Isle of Harris Gin Martini, dry and with a twist..."  and take things from there.

There are many other ways to order this classic cocktail and we'll explore these over the coming weeks.


Perhaps the most important thing is to serve it COLD. Few things in life are worse than a luke-warm Martini but we’ll deal with ice, stirring and shaking, serving up or on the rocks, at a later date.

Meantime, we invite you to enjoy the second in our series of recipe collaborations, this time with Stewart Thomson of Bib Gourmand-winning restaurant Ox and Finch in Glasgow.

Stewart has created The Seaweed Martini an intriguing, sea-green mix of Nori-infused Isle of Harris gin, Fino sherry and pickled samphire.

“I wanted to do something using a pickled element and, of course showcase the excellent Isle of Harris Gin.  A seashore plant, the samphire was the obvious garnish to complete, based on the coastal qualities of the cocktail.”

Head over to the dedicated recipe page for more details and please join us again next week for more Martini making…​​

Our thanks to Stewart Thomson and Andy MacSween at Ox and Finch Restaurant.

Ox and Finch, 920 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G3 7TF /

Photography by Brian Sweeney /

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