Raise A Glass

Over the course of this year we’ve had a lot of enjoyment exploring the humble pleasures of the Martini cocktail, that classic combination of great gin, dry vermouth and a simple garnish. Our island spirit has proved to be the perfect star ingredient throughout.
Along the way, we’ve collaborated with some of the best bartenders in the UK, giving them free reign to create some wonderful new recipes with our Isle of Harris Gin, bringing unique twists to a historic drink which has been a cornerstone of cultural hedonism for over 100 years.


As our attention turns to new endeavours, we’re delighted to bring The Martini Project to fruition with the release of some beautiful new pieces of glassware, made especially for the Isle of Harris Distillery and designed to ensure the most sophisticated of serves.

Our new Isle of Harris Martini glasses wonderfully complement the design of our Isle of Harris Gin bottle and have been created in the traditional V-shape style so beloved by both bartenders and bar goers alike.

Every piece has been individually hand-crafted by the skilled team at Wrześniak Glassworks, so each is subtly unique. Held within a presentation box of bespoke design, a pair of glasses are accompanied by new and exclusive Martini recipes making for the most stylish of gifts.

There are two specially created sets in the new range, the first holding two matching glasses with a second version accompanied by a bottle of our Isle of Harris Gin. The inaugural set is now available in the distillery and online shop priced at £30.00 plus delivery with the other following very soon.

Look out for three new Isle of Harris Gin Martini recipes coming to the dedicated website page and social media soon, but meantime let’s raise a beautiful new glass to this, the King of Cocktails…


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