From Our Shores To Your Doors

We often use the word ‘remote’ when we talk about our islands. Our distillery is certainly a fair distance from the majority of our customers who seek to sample the spirits we are making in Tarbert.

As Hearachs, connection is hugely important to us. We greatly value the ties which hold our communities together and seek to extend this ethos to the wider world, sharing our story and getting to know the people who buy our products as best we can, making them feel a part of what we do here.

Which is why we not only distil, mature, bottle, label and package our spirits on the island but we also take orders and send them directly to our customers across the UK. We want to ensure that every time someone enjoys our spirits they do so in connection with our island.

All of which makes things a little harder in a world of instant gratification, next day deliveries and free postage and packing offers. We will never be able to rival the global giants of Amazon and Tesco in terms of getting your orders to you in an instant but we will always endeavour to make the journey from our shores to your door as personal as possible.

Our Isle of Harris Gin, for example, is packaged by hand right here in Tarbert, in the heart of our distillery. We hand-write a note to include with every order before signing and sealing the boxes with our branded seals and stamps.

We work with local courier company Woody’s Express who visits daily to load up their delivery van with new orders and drive them to the next ferry to leave one of our nearby harbours. The ferries of Caledonian MacBrayne ply the Minch seas daily, joining with Ullapool in the far north-west of the Scottish mainland or to the village of Uig on the tip of the Isle of Skye.


Weather permitting we still work hard to deliver to you within three days. They say good things come to those who wait and we hope when you finally open your order the long journey will have been worth it.

Right now our delivery cost is priced at £6.00 for a single bottle and we can send from 2 to 6 bottles for just £7.50. So we would encourage you to consider sharing your order with like-minded others, with family members and friends, perhaps even gather a group together to spread the cost. A community bought case of Isle of Harris Gin if shared between six people can be had for just £1.25 postage per person and you’ve met and made a new group of gin-lovers into the bargain.


More on this idea in the near future but for now thank you to all who have ordered our spirits since we’ve begun distilling just a few short months ago. Your support and feedback has been heartening and together, we think our journeys are only just beginning.

P.S. If you are lucky enough to live in The Netherlands, Germany or Switzerland our good friends Merel, Erich and Peter have a stash of Isle of Harris gin which they can send to you for no extra cost! We hope that it will be available in more countries as time goes on.

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