Only From The Isle Of Harris

Provenance is very important to us.

For Isle of Harris Gin to be a true island spirit, we endeavour to ensure as much of the gin-making journey take place here in Tarbert as we can. From distilling our base spirit with botanicals, to the bottling and beyond, we aim to keep things local throughout.

It’s here that we soften our base spirit with water from the nearby river Abhainn Cnoc a ’Charrain, and infuse it with our nine botanicals, including the magical Sugar Kelp which is gathered from around our shores.​


Our fiesty copper gin still, 'The Dottach', then takes over, in pride of place in its own room in our spirit hall, extracting even more flavours from the botanicals and refining the spirit further.

The resulting gin is bottled onsite at the distillery too, each vessel lovingly filled by hand and corks firmly fitted, often by the multi-tasking distillers themselves. A handy little machine then whisks them through a waltz, spinning gentle carousels to affix the labels.


Finally, our production staff apply a special seal, the paper strip which bears the Harris Distillery coordinates, a testament to the place where this Outer Hebridean gin was born. Some of these bottles are destined to line the distillery shop shelves, others are boxed in cases for shipping far and wide, but all began life at 57° 53’ N 6° 48’ W.

Every order we take comes directly to us in Tarbert, and is packed by hand by local staff, each box is sealed with tape bearing the name of our distillery and island. Inside we place a small ‘thank you’ card, signed by one of the team as our way of personalising this final part of the process. 


We then ship from our shores to doors across the UK, with our friends from local courier Woody's Express and Parcelforce picking up from us daily. As our Isle of Harris Gin finally makes its way into the wider world, it will cross the seas of The Minch, before taking long mainland roads to new homes across the country and abroad.

When customers receive their package they can rest assured they've taken possession of the genuine article, made with craft and care in the Outer Hebrides. If our gin carries our island name, we promise it has been created by, for, and from the Isle of Harris, and nowhere else.

Please visit our website for more information and to order:​

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