The Martini Project

Do you like yours wet, dry or dirty?

Do you prefer it up and with a twist, or stirred rather than shaken? Perhaps you even love a Gibson or a Vesper?

This week, we're beginning an exciting new journey into all the joys of the Isle of Harris Gin Martini, as we get 'The Martini Project’ underway.

It’s one of the world's oldest cocktails, enjoyed by the most famous film stars, artists and debonaire drinkers of the last ten decades. Over the coming weeks we'll be revealing a series of wonderful new Martini recipes, created in collaboration with some of the best bartenders from our favourite bars and restaurants.

And, there's beautiful photography, stories and some secret new products to accompany it all too...

We encourage you to learn more about this classic cocktail and our project over on a new, dedicated page on the website. We also invite you to enjoy the first collaboration with a recipe made for us by Alessandro Palazzi, the Martini maestro of London’s Mayfair.

With over four decades of experience in some of the world's finest establishments, Alessandro is not only an expert in the art of the Martini he is also a wonderful gentleman to know.

He has been kind enough to create ‘The Stromberg Martini’ for us, the inspiration coming from his love of Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels, and the fictional character and arch-villain Karl Sigmund Stromberg.


Stromberg lived in Atlantis, his underwater lair off the coast of Sardinia, so the oceanic theme seems more than appropriate. ​

“ I wanted to celebrate the ‘maritime pleasures’ in this unusual gin, bringing together an additional element of delicious Sardinian Bottarga which intensifies the unusual Sugar Kelp tones. For me, the Martini cocktail is a symbol of purity and elegance. The gin Martini speaks for itself through the botanicals and when served properly, is a cocktail you savour. “

Head to the dedicated recipe page to discover the detail behind his creation and how to make one yourself, and if you’re not a Martini drinker yet, follow us as we explore the history, terminology and techniques involved in this simple but seductive drink. 

We think you’ll love it.

Photography by Garry Maclennan. Please visit for more of his work.

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