A Joint Gin Endeavour

In last week’s news we addressed some of the logistics of shipping our Isle of Harris Gin from our shores and the reasons why delivery from our remote distillery is a little more expensive than many of our mainland customers may be used to.
This week we’d like you to meet David Jamieson, a keen gardener, food lover and gin drinker who writes a blog called Forking Mad. David had sampled our gin and was determined to procure a bottle for himself by ordering from our online shop. When he discovered he could have up to six bottles delivered to Dumfries and Galloway for the same cost as a single one he decided to explore the idea of ‘social buying’ from the ‘social distillery’.
So turning to the internet, he wrote a blog about his brainstorm, asking any gin lovers who lived in his area if they’d like to join him in purchasing a whole case of our spirit. Through the power of Facebook and Twitter he soon found six fellow buyers, and then eight, and then finally twelve other folk who wished to share in the cost of delivery.
David tells us…
“The aim was to reduce postage, so for the first group I wanted to try and restrict it to people I could pass the gin to via my own network of contacts.  In the end I had several people across Dumfries & Galloway, a few in Glasgow and two in Edinburgh. The first buying group was 12 for the Harris Gin but I have another 8 who are waiting for the next Harris order…”

We thought it was a brilliant idea and have shared his posts with our own online audience to help things along. We’re delighted it has worked so successfully and love the idea of new people making friends by joining together to enjoy our gin. We plan to explore David’s idea more ourselves in the coming months but meantime he gives us a few helpful hints to share with others who might like to do the same.
“I ask everyone for their money up front. They sent it to me via Bank transfer, or Paypal.  I then place the order with yourselves. The delivery comes to me and I begin distributing it via an extended group of friends. Trust is very important so you need your group of buyers to be kept up to date on progress.  I email them all at each stage and the group communicates via email and WhatsApp at the moment. It's been great fun and well received, a great opportunity for people to get their hands on some fine craft gin.”
With the group’s delivery costs effectively reduced to £1.25 per person the costs of shipping from the Isle of Harris suddenly becomes a lot more palatable, just like our gin itself. We will continue to do all we can to ensure we secure the best delivery prices, indeed our single bottle shipping has recently been reduced, but meantime why not consider your own joint gin endeavour and help bring more of our island spirit to your own corner of the world?


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