Japanese Journeys

After last week’s news about our upcoming travels to Taiwan, we continue to turn our attention to the East as our first Japanese shipment of Isle of Harris Gin landed at Narita International Airport near Tokyo this week.

We had previously shared our island spirit here, thanks to our friend Kaori Laird who had taken some of our gin home earlier this year, sharing it with family and friends as she travelled the country by Shinkansen.

We are now honoured to be formally launching the Isle of Harris Gin in this beautiful country on St Andrew’s Day 2017, with our head distillery Kenny Maclean in attendance in Tokyo to represent our distillery and island.

As with all connections we make, we are keen to deepen relationships with our new friends and customers, learning more about their stories and understanding more about shared approaches to life, culture and craft.​


As we begin, we are struck initially by the concepts of ‘shibusa’ and ‘shibui’ the definition of which might be…

“Something shibui, although seemingly simplistic, reveals the complex and intricate variables in nature that make our world unique. Its intent is to evoke awareness and appreciation for life as it is, seeing the implicit beauty in what has come to be considered ordinary or mundane.”

We are reminded of our Isle of Harris Gin bottle with its simplicity balanced with complexity, the subtle details and elegant imperfections, the integration of elements from the natural world within a practical object.

With their love of fine spirits and a highly considered approach to design and detail, there is a wealth of new ideas and old knowledge to explore and understand as we begin to appreciate the customs, ethos and aesthetics which lie behind everyday life and objects here.

We have much to learn and look forward to sharing what we discover as we begin our journeys into Japan.

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