The Highest Apple

There is an old Gaelic saying that goes…“bidh an ùbhal ìs fhearr air a mheangan is àirde” meaning simply ​"the best apple is on the highest bough​". As the Harris summer flashes by in a torrent of rain and glimpses of glorious sunshine, we are considering the weight of these wise words as the prospect of opening doors by our hoped for deadline slips ever so slightly.

Building our beautiful distillery in this most remote of locations was always going to be a challenge. So far from the major towns and cities of the mainland, sometimes even the (seemingly) simplest of tasks can become the most major of logistical operations. Moving manpower and machinery endlessly across The Minch at the mercy of ferry timetables and weather vagaries has proved problematic and as with all projects of this size and complexity, the unexpected strives to cause upset.


So in the spirit of our guiding motto “Open, Straight and True” it is with regret that we announce today that our plans for opening in Summer 2015 will not come to pass and that ​the distillery​ will now open in the autumn​. We understand that many of you will be disappointed to hear this news and likewise we are sad we won’t get to meet so many of you who may be making their way to our island this summer on holiday. However, for our own part, the blow is softened somewhat by some large doses of our natural Hearach pragmatism... 

For decades, islanders here have gotten used to the absence of immediacy that pervades so much of city life. Island time tends to run just a little slower​ as​ we know the seasons cannot be hurried and that it’s better to do things right than do them rushed.​  ​We’ve learned that not everything in the world has to happen with perfect punctuality​, particularly if the delay provides the right result.​

And so we thank you in advance for your patience as we continue to work hard to bring this wonderful project we have been blessed with to fruition. Like that highest apple, we ​are​ taking just a bit more time, making that extra effort to reach just a little further to ​ensure we find​ the best fruit of all​... a​nd, if you are visiting the island, please do come and visit us at our temporary home in the former Police Station in Tarbert. We'd be delighted to meet you.​

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