The Great Harris Gin Drought Of 2016

Those of us who live in remote Outer Hebridean islands will be no stranger to intermittent shortages and interruptions to life being 'business as usual'. Whether it’s winter winds causing power cuts or wild weather at sea stalling supermarket supplies, we’re used to making-do until problems are fixed and matters are soonest mended. So, as the Isle of Harris Distillery approaches its one year anniversary, we invite you all to join us in experiencing a little of what it takes to be an Outer Hebridean islander. 

When we opened our doors on September 24th 2015 we knew we were going to be making special spirits and as we poured our Harris heart and soul into the creation of our first gin we were confident it would be a success. But we only ever envisaged this inaugural Isle of Harris Gin to be a treat for visitors to our distillery, something to treasure and take home while we waited for our first Single Malt to arrive. It seems gin lovers had other ideas…

Since filling our inaugural Batch No.1, word quickly spread from Tarbert to Stornoway and across to the mainland and before we knew it, the whole world was beating a path to our door, looking for more of our spirit to pour. Thanks to social media and the reach of the internet we’ve been humbled to connect with so many thousands of wonderful new customers. However, there is now one, albeit brief, downside to all this success.

We are rapidly running out of bottles.

Those who know our gin also know just how carefully made the glass which holds it is. And as bad luck would have it our specialist glass manufacturer, Stölzle, have closed their Yorkshire factory until September for a major furnace renewal. We are left with the predicament of a thirsty world and few bottles left to send out into it.

So what to do?

Today we announce The Great Harris Gin Drought Of 2016. From the 24th of August we will be introducing a brief period of rationing at our distillery and online, a short-lived shortage for those who wish to shop for our spirit. All customers will limited to one single bottle purchase at a time from August 24th and we will be reducing postage costs on online orders by way of some recompense. Online, from September 1st we will only be taking pre-orders which we'll fulfil and send out free of charge just as soon as full production has resumed. 

We hope to end the drought by the end of September in both shops and look forward to keeping the spirit our customers love flowing then, always in small-batches but with more than enough bottles to keep up with the ever-growing demand. 

Meantime, the team at the Isle of Harris Distillery would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported our endeavour and helped bring new success and prosperity to this island community. We hope that this unexpected period of gin shortage may help you feel a little like a Hearach in inclement weather and perhaps a little absence will make the heart grow even fonder.

Until the drought ends, here’s to enjoying the gin we have!


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