Going Dutch Pt. 2

We recently shared news of our gin being enjoyed in the Netherlands, thanks to two special friends of the distillery who are helping us to Go Dutch. This week, we thought we’d introduce you to them, Merel Biesta and Dirk Saltzherr, who are evangelists for our project and working hard to bring our island spirit to their home country.
Living with their two children in a small village just outside Amsterdam, Dirk and Merel are closely connected to our Isle of Harris home and distillery project, thanks to the work of a very special lady, Merel’s Aunt Eva (about whom more next week). Dirk is a director on our Board and Merel is a shareholder, as well as our Dutch brand ambassador.
Dirk, an investment banker and finance expert, tells us…
“It is a great honour to be involved in the Isle of Harris project. I am grateful for my Board position and, in close cooperation with Merel, we really try to build the brand in the Netherlands according to the philosophy of the project.”

As their recent event at the stylish Hangar in Amsterdam proved, they are doing just that. They also work with a boutique distributor in Amsterdam who brings our gin to the best bars and restaurants in the city. Merel regularly visits them to share the distillery story and her own personal involvement too.​

Merel explains…
“People respond very enthusiastically to Isle of Harris Gin here. For one, the beauty of the bottle is an eye-catcher…but ever more so important, the quality and fresh taste of the gin appeals…it is a highly qualitative gin, that is being noticed more and more…they love it, and consider it one of the best new gins here in the Netherlands.”

We’re also delighted that their connection to our island home runs deep, and their love and affinity for the work we do is clear.
“When Dirk and I first visited the Isle of Harris, we were lucky enough to be taken on a tour and told all about the island and its beautiful history and surroundings. Dirk and I saw the distillery being built step by step, and for us to visit it now and see how many people are visiting it today, is an absolutely incredible and indescribable feeling.”

We’re most fortunate to have Dirk and Merel with us on our journey, supporting us at both Board and grassroots levels. As they enthuse…
“Our mutual objective is to create an enterprise that lasts centuries and really can contribute something to the local community. Crucial in that sense is to deliver on expectations and create a fantastic whisky in the years to come, after the great start with the gin. We look forward to being part of that future.”

We couldn't put it any better ourselves.



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