Gli alambicchi sono arrivati (the stills have arrived)

Convoi exceptionnel

Early Monday morning, through icy drizzle, the ‘convoi exceptionnel’ crawled into the village of Tarbert at the end of an eight day journey from Italy, snow and gales having slowed its progress.

Carefully wrapped and sitting astride the low-loader was our pot still Eva and her big brother. It was an extraordinary moment for the team as the crane hoisted the pair into the distillery, ready to be lifted into position.

Over the course of the week our site engineers pieced together the components and as they unwrapped and connected each piece, the true beauty of the pair started to reveal itself.

With this important and emotional milestone reached, the coming few months will see a great deal of activity, as we work not only to complete the building of the distillery but now to install and commission everything required to create our Isle of Harris spirits.

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