Gifted In Good Design

Good design is important to the Isle of Harris Distillery and we appreciate the skill and craft of the talented folk behind the architecture, interiors and graphics as much as we do the work of our own men at the stills. One of those such talented folks is Graham Walker, our go-to graphic designer based in Edinburgh.
A family man, guitar player and part-time springboard diver(!) Graham is also the award-winning designer responsible for a number of key components of our brand identity. The ‘H’ logo, the ‘Social Distillery’ roundel, ‘The 1,916’ materials, apothecary range labelling, signage and stationery all stem from his clever and creative output.
Recently we asked Graham to tackle the creation of bespoke packaging for a new range of Isle of Harris Gin gifts sets. Following substantial demand from customers we wanted to gather and present our products in the best possible manner. We also wanted to ensure the precious goods survived the rigours of shipping across many miles of land and sea to arrive safely at our customers’ doors.

Graham turned his talents and attention to the project and we are delighted with the result, a functional design which performs multiple roles while making the lucky recipient feel they are receiving something of real beauty and value. Form effortlessly marries with function as simple materials combine with words and imagery to produce an adaptable and aesthetically pleasing piece of packaging.

Graham tells us…
“Eco-friendly cardboard was used as the main construction material, and the construction was devised in such a way that certain elements were removable to accommodate the different permutations of items in the sets. Stickers were used to identify which set was being sent and the typographic treatment was aligned to the core brand, with an emphasis on attention to detail so that the whole pack feels very considered.”
He goes on…
“Wherever possible materials created should reflect the personality of the island – real and without artifice. So we’re always mindful of the balance between ‘premium/ luxury’ and ‘real/grounded’. The gin boxes use materials which are essentially quite lo-tech and utilitarian. The cardboard is there to do a job, get the contents to the recipient safely while the way the graphics are applied and the attention to detail suggest real craft.“

More than just a pretty box for our bottles, new levels of information about our island and distillery are uncovered as the pack is opened. Subtle stickers add an extra layer of detail and add to the ‘hand assembled’ nature of our work, adding a personal touch during the  process of discovery when unpacking the items. 
While the beautiful bottles, glasses and aromatic waters are obviously the stars of the show, the gift set rises through good design to be the strongest of supporting players. The result is, we hope, something our customers will be delighted not only to receive but to give to others in turn. Each gift set to ship from right here in Harris seeks to be a message from our island, sharing a little of our Hearach character and sense of our Hebridean spirit with all who finally take possession of it. 

We think Graham’s work has allowed us to achieve this and we thank him for his continued contribution to our story.

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