Druthag na Hearadh

Bliadhna mhath ùr dhuibh uile! As we begin our second year of distillery life we’d like to wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year and thank you for letting us into your inbox and allowing us to share our story with you every week.​
2016 was a wonderful inaugural year for the Isle of Harris Distillery, from the trials and tribulations of getting our beautiful coppers stills up and running to the optimisation of whisky spirit and the filling of our very first oak casks…we’ve loved every moment of this privileged journey. 
We’ve also been proud to witness the success of our Isle of Harris Gin, the glass bottle and its contents capturing the hearts and palates of gin drinkers across the world. Such was its popularity we even had to ration it during The Great Isle of Harris Gin Drought!

But most of all we’ve enjoyed the many connections made with new friends from far and wide, those who have joined us at the distillery in Tarbert and everyone who has liked, followed, commented and shared their own stories with us through our social media channels.​​

It is a unique time in history in so many ways and we’re looking forward to harnessing all the potential that technology has to offer in 2017 to bring you even closer to our Harris spirit-making story until such time as you can join us here in person. 
Meantime, we’ve managed to capture some of the best of our distillery life through the lens of local film-maker Kenny Stewart. Kenny and his camera have been following us for the last twenty four months and the Gaelic television channel BBC Alba has just screened the resulting documentary.

UK residents can watch all three episodes of ‘Druthag na Hearadh’ (A Little Drop of Harris) over on the BBC iPlayer and follow our progress from the earliest days of building work right through to the first anniversary celebrations. 
You’ll also get to meet many of the team including characters like distiller Domhnull Macleod and retail manager Peter Kwasniewski, see our Sugar kelp being harvested and watch the first drops of our forthcoming Hearach Single Malt Whisky come to life.
We’ll be catching up with the director next week to get behind the scenes of the documentary a little more but until then sit back and enjoy…​

Episode One

Episode Two

Episode Three

(Gaelic with English subtitles. Episodes available to watch until end of January 2017)

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