The Driest Days Of The Drought

Just two short weeks ago we announced news of The Great Harris Gin Drought Of 2016, a short-lived rationing of our Isle of Harris Gin. Demand for our island spirit had risen beyond our wildest expectations and the beautiful bottles which hold it were fast running out. And as bad luck would have it the specialist furnace which makes them was closed for essential repairs…
It was the perfect storm but we Hearachs are more than used to weathering such matters, island shortages are commonplace and making do is simply part of life here in the Outer Hebrides. But we appreciate that the rest of the world is more used to supply always meeting demand so we have done our very best to keep the gin flowing fairly, if not quite as freely, as before.
Alas, today we have simply run out, we truly have run dry.
Despite restricting sales online and offline to just one bottle per person, as of 12.45pm today we now have no more bottles of our Isle of Harris Gin to sell. A very pleased Dolanna Matheson (pictured) from the village of Back, Isle of Lewis was the lucky recipient of our final sale and jokingly told young Ryan at the till that she intends to keep it all for herself. Quite right too.
So now the gin shelves of the distillery shop lie bare and our Dottach still sits silent, patiently awaiting the magical moment we can bring her to life again. While this isn’t an ideal situation (we do hate turning away those who are eager to enjoy our gin), we remain upbeat at our unexpected predicament. The distillery’s managing director Simon Erlanger tells us…

’This is certainly the only drought the island has seen this summer and has created an interesting challenge for our young Company.  However in true island style the team pulled together to try to minimise the disappointment to our customers and we have had a terrific response to the way they have handled it’.

The good news is that bottle production resumes on Monday as the furnaces at glass-makers Stoelzle fire up once more. All being well our new stocks should arrive in Harris by the weekend and we’ll begin to fill them with Isle of Harris Gin from Monday September 19th. We look forward to working hard on honouring everyone’s pre-orders and as promised we’ll be sending them out to all with free postage as soon as possible. There’s also lots more good things to come on the gin front so watch this space.
Meantime, we’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone so much for their support and positivity during this hiatus, happily all of our customers have joined us in the good spirit in which the sharing of our drought’s story was intended. We hope you all were able to procure the quantities you needed and managed to make your supplies last in true Hearach style.
Here’s to the fortitude of islanders in the face of adversity, wherever you reside! 

* Remember pre-orders are still being taken in our on and off-line shops with free delivery direct to your door when the drought finally ends. *

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