Desktops And Doorsteps

We admit that, to most of our readers, the Isle of Harris seems a very remote part of the world. And indeed, in many ways, it is. 

Even from the big Scottish cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh, any would-be traveller to our door needs to embark on an adventure which will take them many miles. For our friends in other countries, our distillery in Harris may seem more befitting of an expedition! But, like so much in life, such journeys are worth making.

Today, the world is getting smaller, thanks to ever improving rural broadband connections, and Harris is now connected to the global community in ways which were unimaginable just a generation or two ago. We’re very much embracing this change and as 'the social distillery' we see it as a wonderful opportunity to reach out to new friends wherever they maybe.

Yesterday we launched the second incarnation of this website with the aim of pursuing these goals of ever increasing connectedness. Within these pages you can find out more about what we do, who we are, where we do our work and new ways in which you can become more involved with the people here, the plans we’re making and the unique spirit we will soon produce.

When you read the stories and see the images of life here in Harris through our online website window, know that everything is born right here in the Outer Hebrides, our tales are from the heart and our people open, straight and true.

Through the website and our new steps into social media we invite you to get to know us and get in touch, make plans to visit and share in our journey as we in turn share our stories with you.

From our desktop until you reach our doorstep, we hope you’ll be with us all the way.

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