A Crofting Distillery

For centuries, the men and women of the Outer Hebrides have held a deep relationship with their land and there has been a long history of struggle to secure the right to live and work the ground upon which they found themselves born and raised.​

Today, thanks to generations of effort and action, great swathes of the islands now come under crofting tenure, a complicated but critical form of land use which still helps to bind communities together, keeping many hundreds of acres of machair, moor and grazing under the stewardship of local people.​

Although crofting remains a cornerstone of our island community, times change and this traditional way of life has given way to more modern methods of earning a living. But those still counting themselves as crofters hold the lifestyle dear, multitasking and managing their livestock and land as the seasons cycle on.


They're often fence-menders in all weathers and emergency veterinarians at all times of year. Mechanically-minded they must repair equipment when it fails and make-do and mend to keep all manner of things working as they undertake this unique aspect of their island identity. 

Crofters are far from solitary souls, toiling alone in the landscape. Knowledge must be shared, skills swapped and many hands must come together to make light work. From the mending of Massey-Fergusons to the gathering at fanks for shearing sheep fleece, crofting brings people together to get things done.​

The skills, values and culture which have surrounded crofting for generations is something we also find being applied within our distillery every day, helped further by the fact that many of our staff come from crofting backgrounds themselves.​


In crofting spirit, the entire distillery team embodies this culture of cooperation, showing a willingness to work across disparate roles, sharing in responsibilities and bringing their different talents to bear if it can help others in other areas.  ​

There are many other ways in which we connect with our surrounding crofting community, from the food we use in the Canteen to the draff we provide to feed local livestock, and we look forward to exploring them with you more in future. ​

But for now we are proud to say that while we are beginning to master the craft of spirit-making, at our heart we are truly a crofting distillery.

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