The Clove Club Coastal Martini

This week, our Martini Project continues as we turn our attention to the joys of good food, and introduce our latest collaboration with one of London’s best restaurants, The Clove Club. With incredible menus on our mind, it also seems like an opportune moment to discuss the simple pleasures of the apéritif.

The word apéritif is French (from the Latin verb ‘to open’) and refers to an alcoholic drink which is enjoyed before a meal to help stimulate the appetite. It was first introduced with the creation of vermouth in the mid 1700s by Italy’s Antonio Benedetto Carpano, but was popularised in France by Joseph Dubonnet, inventor of the eponymous drink.

There are many kinds of apéritif to choose from, but with its combination of botanical-based gin and dry, herbal vermouth, the Martini is a perfect cocktail to order when beginning any culinary journey. We spoke to Rob Simpson who is the bar chef at The Clove Club and he agrees, telling us…

“For me, the Martini is the king of aperitifs, opening up the senses and priming them for the next mouthful... “


And what incredible mouthfuls are on offer in his restaurant. The Clove Club is situated at the Shoreditch Town Hall in East London, and opened its doors in March 2013 under chef Isaac McHale. Isaac is an islander himself, hailing from Orkney originally, and his menu often reflects his Scottish roots.

With a Michelin star already under their belts, they can also boast being voted number 26 on the esteemed “World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2017” list. Suffice to say the food served at The Clove Club is incredible, but diners will also find the atmosphere relaxed and informal too.

The ambitious Clove Club Coastal Martini created for this latest collaboration reflects the attention to detail which runs through their restaurant. While the spirit side of things utilises sous-vide, an unusual cooking technique for most us, the garnish itself is worthy of a recipe page in its own right.

If your culinary skills are a little less than award-winning, we highly recommend leaving all the hard work to the talented team in Shoreditch. Simply book a table, take a seat and order this luxurious, maritime-influenced Martini as the perfect way to start your special meal in style…

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The Clove Club Coastal Martini Recipe



Our thanks to Rob Simpson and Isaac Mchale at The Clove Club.

The Clove Club, 380 Old Street, Shoreditch, London EC1V 9LT /

Photography by Garry Maclennan /

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