Click, Collect, Connect.

When we first fired up our little gin still back in September 2015 we fully intended for the fruits of her labours simply to be bottled and sold from our distillery shop, providing our visitors with a taste of what we can do while we wait for our whisky spirit to mature. 

However, like heather-fire word soon spread and we were quickly inundated with calls from gin lovers across the country and beyond, desperate to get their hands on this new Isle of Harris Gin. So we began to take orders online and set up a small in-house shipping operation to send out spirit from our shores to your doors.

As the Social Distillery we try very hard to connect with all of our customers. ‘Nurturing belonging’ is one of our core values and we want to share our love for this island and its people through the work we do. We’re keen to ensure every sale is handled by a Hearach, every bottle shipped from Tarbert, each order taken and taken care of here on the island.


Which is why we currently only sell from the distillery and online shop and not through other retailers. But we realise that some people need their Isle of Harris gin straight away or don’t want to worry about delayed deliveries during inclement Hebridean weather.

So as of Monday 10th October 2016 we are trialling a brand new Click & Collect service in partnership with some good friends and members of our extended Harris family. We’ve chosen the great city of Glasgow and North Uist to see if we can retain our values of connection while meeting the need for quick and easy access to our island spirit.

We have appointed a number of handily located ‘depositories’, like-minded independent purveyors of fine food and drink who share our values, to help us explore this new concept. These fine folk will hold a consignment of Isle of Harris gin on our behalf and if your delivery address is nearby when you place an online order you will be given the option of collecting it from them in person.


Instead of a 3 working days wait and paying for postage, for a handling fee of £2 you can simply pop in and pick up your bottle(s) from these places straight away. We hope this will prove to be the perfect way of purchasing our gin if you need to get hold of it in a hurry. And if the trial proves a success we’ll look to roll out the idea further afield.

Please note our Click & Collect venues will not be able to sell over the counter, all orders still have to made in our online shop but with the magic of mainland 3G & 4G (unheard of here in Harris!) connections we’re sure you’ll be able to make swift work of your shopping by mobile device.

So to our loyal customers in Glasgow and nearby islands, please Click & Collect while we still strive to connect, do let us know how you get on and hopefully if you find the experience to your liking we can look forward to sharing the endeavour with more customers far and wide.



44 Main Street
G62 6BU


Gray's Kitchen Deli
305 Crow Road
G11 7BU 






Macleans Bakery
Bayhead Shop Ltd
North Uist


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