The Bounty Of Summer

It’s August already and the seasons will soon be turning once more. As is often the way with Outer Hebridean summers, our climate has remained far from the crippling heatwaves of the wider world, and as today’s rain is tomorrow’s whisky the grey skies above are perhaps best seen as a blessing.

Island life continues whatever the weather, as nature abounds and our community continues to work to its natural rhythms. On the crofts and moors, sheep shearing is over, the peats are dried and ready for bringing home, the annual agricultural shows get underway and families get to enjoy time together during the long school holidays.

Mackerel, salmon and seatrout are keeping the sea-fishing rods busy while the seals are kept well fed too, as salmon gather at the river mouths waiting for a spate. Brown trout swim lazily in the hundreds of lochs and lochans across the Outer Hebrides, swirling on the surface as they gorge themselves on insect life.


The waters are warm and the sky is full of noisy new seabird chicks as they pick up flying tips from their parents, readying themselves for a first winter at sea. Lobsters, hungry after casting their shells, stampede to baited creels in their first step towards the restaurant plates of Spain and Portugal.

The recently opened Isle of Harris Marina is now on our doorstep, just yards from our spirit-making home, and it’s been a pleasure to welcome summer guests arriving by boat for the first time. The new pontoons are also a perfect base for our local boat cruise companies to share the beauty of our islands with visitors too.


Here, Seumas Morrison and Angus Campbell skipper their state-of-the-art vessels, taking adventurous guests out to sea. Their years of knowledge and maritime skills reveal the wildlife havens of the Shiants and far flung St Kilda, taking other journeys to nearby islands like Taransay, Pabbay and Scarp.

Sea Harris and Kilda CruisesIsle of Harris Sea Tours both give an opportunity to see our islands from a new angle, with much to learn along about history and heritage along the way.

From the sights and sounds of seal and seabird colonies, to delicious ginger cake and hauling your own lobster creel, we highly recommend taking a trip with them to truly appreciate the bounty of an Isle of Harris summer.

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