The Apothecarist Returns

This weekend we’re delighted to welcome the return of apothecarist Amanda Saurin, as she arrives on our shores for a summer seasonal gathering of local herbs and plants. We’ve shared much of Amanda’s story and her involvement with our distillery previously and you can procure her bespoke distillery creations from our distillery and online shops

Since her last visit, Amanda has been incredibly busy with her work under A.S. Apothecary, being featured in Country Living and establishing exciting new stockists in Italy, Denmark and Spain. Amanda and her team are also in the process of opening their first shop in her hometown of Lewes and so it’s all go with all manner of natural ingredients needing picked and distilled.

While she is with us here in Harris for the next few days she’ll be busy picking out in our wilds also, with a few local helpers to hand…


“There are particular plants I look for when I'm here, Thyme is abundant on Harris - I remember a couple of years ago one of the pickers said she bought Thyme from the supermarket never realising that a beautiful little Thyme grows all over the place. We also pick Honeysuckle, wild Roses and Meadowsweet. I make Elderflower cordial in Sussex but in Harris you can substitute Meadowsweet for a beautiful light summer drink.”

In between picking sessions she also plans to do some walking and visit us here at the distillery obviously and we can’t wait to get reacquainted once again.

“I'll be out picking for most of my time with a few helpers and visiting the distillery to see how things are going now that the season has started. I can't wait to see it full of people. In between picking I'll be sure to go walking at Luskentyre which is so incredibly beautiful and I always have at least one visit to the Temple Cafe for lunch. I also love to see the ceramics and photographs at the Mission House Studio.”


Always full of creativity and new ideas, Amanda also has intriguing plans for a new addition to our distillery product range. Still in the process of experimentation, things are still very much under wraps but she tells us…

“Last time I was up the Distillery staff took me to the community woodland which was really wonderful, I'm working on a few experiments with the conifers and the bogbean which is an intensely bitter plant that grows in the network of peat bogs. When I was trying to reach some last time I fell right into the bog up to my knees, so if anyone has a cunning method of reaching bog plants I'd love to know it!”

Intriguing indeed! We look forward to revealing more in a future news update but meantime if you are in Harris this weekend and would like to join Amanda’s picking team please give us a call on 01859 502 212. She will be out on the Machair picking wild flowers to take away, distil and make our essential oils with. The work is not paid but Amanda will impart some amazing botanical knowledge and you can choose something from her range to take home afterwards.

Meantime, please do visit her website to enjoy some fantastic images and read the story behind her wonderful work.




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