All Bottles Are Not Created Equal

Glass is a humble and ancient material. Its solidity, clarity and impermeability have proven perfect for holding and protecting precious liquids since time immemorial, so much so that we often take the bottles we hold in our hands for granted.
When we set out to create our Isle of Harris Gin we wanted to ensure this was never the case and that when our customers took possession of our product they would enjoy a physical and emotional connection to our work.
The creative team at Stranger & Stranger were instrumental in translating such hopes into reality, producing a design which truly embodied our island spirit. However, we must also give thanks to the people who, in turn, transformed their concept into a beautiful physical object.

To tackle the highly technical aspects of the Isle of Harris Gin bottle, Stranger & Stranger turned to their long-time friends at Launch Packaging Design, a highly accomplished independent structural design specialist with over 25 years experience in creating exciting works in glass.
Launch were to provide the crucial link between the aesthetics and style of the London-based design agency and the unflinching technical realities of the manufacturers who will be tasked with replicating the final design without flaw or failure in its thousands.

Managing Director David Wheelwright, tells us:
“The Harris bottle is certainly one of the most iconic we’ve seen and we faced some interesting challenges in translating the stunning 2D concept visual into a 3D bottle which could be manufactured successfully and also meet all necessary performance criteria, while remaining true to the original design intent."
He goes on…
“For the Harris bottle, the smooth, organic, sculptural forms demanded that we worked in a quite different way. In fact, we invested in two new 3D design packages specifically for you. We were absolutely blown away the first time we saw and held a bottle, and it still makes the hairs on the back of my neck prickle every time I see one!”

Over the coming weeks we’ll take you on a journey through their fascinating process, sharing never before seen images of the complex, hidden secrets which make the bottle we know and love so perfect to pour.

So as you enjoy a good measure of our Sugar kelp infused spirit, it’s good to know every measure has been taken not to take such simple things for granted. As the Launch team themselves confirm on their website "All bottles are not created equal, good design makes the difference.”

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